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    Assistance in material support of children’s hospital “OKHMATDET”

We brought help for our premature babies!

Big gratitude to everybody who transferred money for to-day`s visit of `OKHMATDIT` neonatology. For the sum of 5450uah we bought Kolomizine pack, nutrition, catheters, systems for droppers, 5 packages of diapers. Many children are in serious condition, but thanks God there are medicines to overcome infections. Although the antibiotics that we bring are very quickly used. But thanks to not indifferent people who help us, it is possible to buy them and save our premature babies. Let all of you always have the opportunity to help the children.
One of our wards, – Damyr, – is getting ready to serious operation, let everything come safely.
The child, whose mother is unsuccessful, is still alone. It’s a pity that this happens. We will try to ensure that he is provided with everything necessary. Because he needs to fight hereditary diseases. Two twins feel good, but still they are not discharged …

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