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Our children will be grateful for any of your help

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You can give away things you do not need very poor families
We'll call you to clarify the details

Your help will give hope to the lives of children who really need it. Let's make this world better!

We are very grateful for your support!

Charity fund “Help for future” was created by the group of young proactive people who believe that Ukraine has accumulated lots of problems that they able and will try to solve with their knowledge and commitment to the better future for Ukraine. Since then, we have never doubted our right way and every day we are trying to do something good and right for our country. We are very grateful to all people who support us and will support in the future. Only together we can make this world more kind and give the hope of life to the people who deserve it!
Our mission is to help the needy and sick children by providing charitable financial, medical, social, psychological, legal and information assistance in order to improve their health, improve the material conditions and prolong life in general, as well as assistance for rehabilitation and integration into society. Let’s together with you will present to many kiddies hope for a happy life, and help them get a piece of love!



If you can help fund with television news, mini-stories, interview cycles, promo video… No matter what, – any step toward each other could achieve common benefit in our affair! You can get detailed information by contacting with us.


Perhaps, in the flow of your business and the news media will be a place for stories or information fragments about our fund. We ask you to help us because our fund’s aim is to help other people. Choosing to yourself our way or not, it’s your decision, but any your help will give great result! You can get detailed information by contacting with us.


If you are the owner of the printed edition, maybe you have unoccupied advertising space, or maybe you are ready to give the place – we will be glad if you download our layout or press release for publishing. We can also provide materials for articles of any size. You can get detailed information by contacting with us.

Internet advertising

If you are the owner of a popular resource, place our banner on your website, and so you can make a huge contribution to the common goal – to make the world better.


Perhaps in the volume of manufactured printed products you can find a place for advertising layouts of our foundation and our projects – we appreciate any your help, as printed materials are one of the most effective ways to deliver information. Our layout for print we can transfer to you by our fund coordinator.

Public places

If you are the owner of a shop or pharmacy, cinema or restaurant any of your help in bringing the information about our fund to people can be enormously useful. Business cards and flyers at the reception desk or in the office, on the table or in the cloak room – no matter how with your help we will be known, it is important that someone will do the good work it is thanks to you. Please contact us and we will bring you our printing production.

Direct mail

If your company delivers parcels or invoice, printing or magazines, please take and add to your deliveries our advertising, believe me – you will be proud that your step will help many people in need. Contact us and we will transfer our printing materials.

Outdoor advertising

If you are specializing in outdoor advertising (big-boards, city-lights), then you can help us by posting information about the fund and our projects on free advertising space. If you have such opportunity, contact us.

Amounts write-off from the card

Join the regular write-off from salary card for transfer to a fund “Help for the sake of the future”.

Information for individuals and volunteers

E-mail and other sources of communication

  • Send letters about the fund through the base of your contacts with your own name (any text in free form or we can provide our)
  • Place in your letter template or signature service (phrase) – “recommend to your attention Charity Fund “Help for the Future “(the site or any other with fund address
  • Maybe you have reliable databases on which we could make mailout (if you for some reason won’t be able to do this, then we can do it)
  • You can advise us the familiar services of online advertising, help service (and so on) that due to meet you also can help us to send you information
  • Help us to encourage people to establish a branch Fund in other cities – send your letters to nonresident partners or simply send them to companies, which contacts are available in the internet
  • Help us to push companies to a new kind of social corporate responsibility – send information about the corporate versions of the resource actions (we will give you the information) to companies (those who you know), and if you can continue to send this information to other companies (also it can be done with our e-mail service)
  • Send SMS from the Internet address “Help for the sake of future” was chosen circle of contacts – one of the recipients is required to look and something to help – thanks to you, people will be helped

    Social networks

    • Put the link to our fund in your profiles in social networks
    • Check the “recommend” or “share” information or press the “retweet” to spread information about the fund among your friends and acquaintances
    • Add our fund to friends or groups in social networks
    • Write your friends about the fund and ask to send the information further (we can send you the text)
    • If you see information about the fund in the profiles of other people or just in the news, express your positive attitude to the project by pressing the «like», «I like” or “+1” and so on


    • Tell us about the fund in your blog
    • Place our banner in your corporate resources or on your personal website
    • Put information about us in the discussions at forums, or create the topic for discussion and etc
    • и т.д.

    Help spread the printing materials

    • For sure you have good friends or acquaintances that could place our printing materials in their restaurants and cafes (in the table or in the lead), fitness and hotels (at the reception, rooms …), cinemas and shops (at the box office, with the tickets and shopping), at trade shows, in showrooms, hospitals, schools … use personal contacts and tell them about us, and those who really need help could receive it
    • Put our flyers in your reception and / or in the office – your support of our fund will influence on those who are not familiar with it
    • Take printing materials and put it in the mailboxes at your house building
    • If your company participates in fairs put printing materials on the stand of along with your original printing
    • Place our printing materials along with your own branded packages for customers when they are making purchase
    • If you are distributing tickets attach our flyers to them
    • If you work in the field of express delivery or taxi (mail, parcels, flowers, food from restaurants, passenger transport …), use this method to tell about our fund
    • If your company manages the conferences, seminars, training – all events that collect large number of people from different regions and different social sectors of society – put our printing material with your own, put our logo on the accompanying information carriers
    • Perhaps you know socially responsible young people who could help us with the distribution of printing materials in crowded public places (streets, shopping malls …) or target crowded places (exhibitions, concerts, theater …)
    • Maybe you know more about the places where we can distribute the printing materials and other information about the fund

    Help with media and other mass media

    • If you are a journalist or editor of any periodical or managing radio broadcasting, place an article about us, or simply a link to a website, or tell us in the air
    • Make a report about the fund or about our certain case
    • Create a permanent (even a small column or a part of the tv-broadcast / news) about good deeds, introducing different topics on action options and the types of assistance … This will vary the endless series of political information
    • Help us to meet with the owner of your periodical or resources, and perhaps he also will be happy to help us, and therefore it will be easier to you to help us with his approve
    • If you have information, where and when will be held, or held some charity event – tell us about it, and in turn we will talk about it at our website, help us to tell others about the good deeds
    • Share with us the links to related videos, or simply news about good deeds taking place all over Ukraine

    Private communication

    • Tell about our fund to your friends and acquaintances. We ask you to be “advertising agents”, because only if you believe, people will believe to you. When you speak about charity tell about our fund as an example, for sure if it in your opinion deserves it
    • Think about any social and corporate responsibility in your company and then presents it in your to your company staff, you will be trusted and followed

    Actions of “Help for the sake of the future” fund

    • Initiate the actions among your friends, acquaintances, colleagues or subordinates of collection the clothes, shoes, dishes, unnecessary office equipment, etc. for shelters, orphanages, homes for the elderly or families with many children, etc.
    • Ask the company to provide money or help with any purchase of the necessary equipment for the departments of children’s hospitals and / or other agencies … or to help in the treatment of the child
    • Buy gifts or sweets to children and create a holiday for them (we can complement this festival artists, who also have good heart)
    • Buy or gather with friends collections of cartoons for children’s homes and hospitals
    • Heart to heart talk with your friend foreman, buy together materials and help with repairs to orphanages and large families…
    • Take the patronage of one of the health care providing institutions, and together with us enjoy a search for their needs
    • You may know the owners of bases on the coast – which could bring children on holiday
    • Take the patronage of sites like “give away” and collect this information quickly comparing it with our manager and information requirements on our website. Thus, we can help people get a lot of things that previously was unavailable to them

    Help with the role of manager and responsible person in the following actions (most of the organizational work we will take – we just need the coordinators and assistants in these events)

    • Talk with the confectionery shop or restaurant on the theme of the sweet holiday
    • Talk with the children’s musical or dance groups, clowns … for the organization of the festival in orphanages
    • Find the dance schools, bands or dancers, who sometimes could organize dance classes – mini holidays
    • Organize the action to collect clothes on the clothes line
    • Organize the action “buy baby gift” in toy stores
    • Help with action “Books for children”
    • Take responsibility for the campaign to collect medicine to particular child
    • Become a coordinator of assistance to the particular institution and let us help him with together
    • Let’s organize a row of actions – a week care for children’s home, etc.
    • Assistance in the preparation of the annual Charity Ball
    • This list can be constantly updated on your decision

    And besides

    Probably you know the people who could help us as a volunteer or organizer – these people we really need for a large number of our projects and actions…

    If you have a desire to help people and the project – contact us and we’ll tell you about the applications of your desire to help the people!

    If you want to help us and know how to do it and will really do it, we want to tell you in advance – many thanks!