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Who are we and what we are doing?

Charity fund "Help for future" was created by the group of young proactive people who believe that Ukraine has accumulated lots of problems that they able and will try to solve with their knowledge and commitment to the better future for Ukraine. Since then, we have never doubted our right way and every day we are trying to do something good and right for our country. We are very grateful to all people who support us and will support in the future. Only together we can make this world more kind and give the hope of life to the people who deserve it!

Our mission is to help the needy and sick children by providing charitable financial, medical, social, psychological, legal and information assistance in order to improve their health, improve the material conditions and prolong life in general, as well as assistance for rehabilitation and integration into society. Let's together with you will present to many kiddies hope for a happy life, and help them get a piece of love!

We can’t stay indifferent!

Kirill <span>Ozirny</span>

Kirill Ozirny

Founder, director
Maryana <span>Javloshevich</span>

Maryana Javloshevich

Angela <span>Shmalko</span>

Angela Shmalko